About Us

Originally established in 1935 in West Hartford Center, we are now nestled beside the beautiful West Hartford Reservoir. Central Wheel was trued in January 2006 when it was purchased by Jeff Gelt. Coming from a background in IT, he realized he wanted to be surrounded by what he loved, cycling and cyclists. Today, we have a truly special team with a mix of veterans of different cycling backgrounds, and newer, enthusiastic members of the cycling community. No matter who comes in the door, we have a very open, welcoming, and above all, honest philosophy. Do you want to buy a tube, or tire? Great, we have you covered! Do you want to hang out and let us know about a great new road route you found? Great, show us your Strava! Even if you’re new to the shop we want you to feel part of our community. Our cycling community makes this all worthwhile.

We pride ourselves in our involvement in the community. We open our doors for youth cycling programs such as CCAP and GHCC for meetings and assist the teams with their racing needs. We work with fundraiser rides and amateur cycling races and other youth programs. We also partner with local High Schools providing them with bikes that you, our customers, have donated.

Meet the Team

In our Service Department we have:

 Veteran David Theriault has worked at CW for 10 years and has been in the industry for 30 years. He has a vast collection of classic french road bikes and used to be a sponsored rock climber!

Lance Richardson loves working on advanced road builds, DI2 and suspension work.

Paul Comeau keeps the sales and service department  turning as smooth as a freshly oiled chain.

Brenden Dacunha loves advanced mountain bike work. He is now part time because he is now attending college.

The Sales Department includes:

Jeff O’Coin runs the department, is our triathlete, and loves riding his road bike up the steepest hills in CT.

Mark Seguljic is our cliff seeker and downhill rider.

Arty, the man the myth, the fixed gear rider. He likes to ride and build whacky track bikes. Big fan on NO BRAKES! He is the newest member to the Central Wheel family.

Josh Steibel teaches math during the school months and is an avid road cyclist all year round.

Matt Stuart is our longest standing employee who enjoys adventure riding and bike tours.