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Tuesday Night Road Ride

    • When: Tuesday 5:30 - 7:30ish pm
    • Ride Leaders:
      • Ray
      • Dave
    • Location: Central Wheel
    • Distance: 30ish miles
    • Topography: flat and rolling hills
    • Likley Average Speed: 16.4 - 18.2
    • Likely Max Speed: 24
    • Equipment:
      • Well tuned dropbar road bike
      • Helmet
      • Road side repair kit
    • Skill Sets:
      • Drafting
      • Rules of the road
      • On road bicycle repair
      • Cycling etiquette
    • Parking: Central Wheel on the grass at the back of the shop.

Group Road Ride with drafting and pace line. You should know the rules of the road and cycling etiquette. Proper road bike, helmet and on the road repairs are required.

We ask that you respect the ride expectaions. This is a group ride, so lets ride that way.